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Whether you're planning for your own family or helping a loved one, proper estate planning can keep your family from disputes.


From trusts to wills and guardianships, Grundhoefer & Ludescher, PA have the legal skill needed to make sure your family knows and honors your final wishes.

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From first-time buyers to real estate veterans, everyone needs help navigating the maze of legal paperwork and terminology involved in a real estate transaction.


The attorneys at Grundhoefer & Ludescher, PA have the experience you need to help guide you to a successful transaction.

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You've started a business - how do you handle issues like unemployment, contracts or forming a corporation?


The attorneys at Grundhoefer & Ludescher will help cultivate the tools your business needs to stay safe from frivolous lawsuits, false claims, and other issues.

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Grundhoefer & Ludescher, PA brings over 80 years of combined experience to your legal matter. From financial and consumer law cases to the confusing world of employment law and civil litigations, get an experienced attorney on your side!




When legal issues arise, you need to know that you've got someone in your corner.

The talented attorneys at Grundhoefer & Ludescher, PA are prepared to handle almost any legal issue you're confronted with!

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