Unemployment Benefits

We help both employees and employers navigate through the unemployment benefits process. Whether you’re an employee fighting for the benefits you’re legally entitled to, or an employer trying to defend against frivolous claims and keep your insurance costs down, we have the resources to help win your case.


Losing your employment can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. With everything else to worry about, you shouldn’t have to fight your former employer for your unemployment benefits as well. In most cases you are presumed to be eligible for unemployment benefits unless your former employer can provide a legal justification for denying you your benefits. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the administrative law process.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Help you complete the initial application
  • Demand and receive valuable discovery documents from your employer before the evidentiary hearing
  • Advocate for you and ask the tough questions of your employer and witnesses at the evidentiary hearing
  • Appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals if necessary

It’s not an easy process, and employers count on that fact when deciding whether or not to challenge an application for benefits. Many employers routinely go through this process as a normal part of business. Employers have a staff on call to handle these issues, and you should have an attorney who will advocate for you.


We have yet to meet an employer who likes to terminate an employee. Unfortunately, termination is a part of running a business. For some small businesses, the life of the business may depend on parting ways with an employee. We usually work with employers in two ways:

1. If a recently terminated employee applies for benefits that the employee is not entitled to receive, we advocate for the employer to defend the claim, deny the benefits, and keep the employer’s unemployment insurance from being adversely affected.

2. As is true with many employment law issues, implementing preventative practices can help reduce the likelihood of conflict with employees. This is especially true in the unemployment context. We help employers develop the tools to effectively track and document all of the employment activity within the company. Proper documentation is often the best evidence an employer will use to defend a frivolous unemployment claim. Whether the employer wants to implement best practices for preventing frivolous claims or is already knee-deep in an unemployment claim, we have the resources and experience to be an effective advocate.